The Doley Foundation was founded in 2003 by Ambassador Harold Doley. The Foundation was donated at an amount of 5 million dollars. Mr. Doley has a history of giving back to the black community. He has sat on the presidents’ initiative for historically black colleges and universities and was a member of the board of Clark Atlanta University.  His involvement is significant, in that he donated Doley securities, one of the oldest African American Investment banks to the Thurgood Marshall College fund. We at the foundation are proud and honored to have a figure of his stature as a supporter of the Doley Foundation. Doley Securities is set up as a 501c3; under this code an entity must contribute 85 percent of its net profit of the company to support a cause. In this case, all of the company’s assets are owned by the Fund and net revenues are donated to the foundation. The securities company is located at 616 Baronne Street, New Orleans Louisiana which is owned by the foundation as well. We as board members are working to increase the revenues of the firm in order to benefit the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund which is dedicated to supporting underprivileged student’s educational needs.